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Introducing mapFeeder™

Turning Important Data Into Interactive Web-Based Maps


Manage, organize and track information with interactive maps and forms

mapFeeder gives you the ability to look at data geographically on an interactive map, allowing you to observe patterns that are more difficult to see on a static report or spreadsheet. This visual insight will prompt you to ask critical questions, make informed decisions or help grow your business…SIMPLE

Software for managing critical information should not be difficult

mapFeeder emerged from the frustration we felt using existing software to perform our jobs efficiently. mapFeeder lets you do your job and move forward with your important daily tasks.  The interface does not change and the look is consistent. Once you have used one module, you can use any of them…EASY

mapFeeder is modular, meaning you only pay for what you use

Flat Rock Geographics has modules pertaining to public works, planning, permitting, parks & rec and tree management as well as the ability to customize mapFeeder for you.  You can mix and match the modules that fit your need…AFFORDABLE

Our current mapFeeder products